FiveM Passes 300,000 Concurrent Players

GTA roleplaying is pretty big. FiveM, the platform for GTA roleplaying servers (now under ownership of Rockstar Games), has surpassed its previous concurrent player record during the New Year week. At one time, there were over 300,000 players playing in GTA V roleplay servers.

FiveM are essentially modded versions of GTA Online, but the game is hosted on other servers rather than directly modifying GTA Online directly. Now that (the team running FiveM) is under direct ownership of Rockstar, these roleplay servers are now more legit than ever. These servers allow for more interesting interactions between its players, more than just killing and harassing each other with silly weaponry.

FiveM is also still chugging along nicely, as it recently adds support for the new content from the GTA Online The Chop Shop update.

Rockstar Games will be releasing the highly-anticipated GTA VI next year. Whether that version of GTA Online will incorporate roleplay elements as seen in FiveM remains, or if the team will make different servers just for roleplay like how they are operating right now, remains to be seen.

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