First Gameplay Trailer Of Quake Champions Looks Amazing And Fast

Bethesda announced at E3 this year that a new multiplayer-focused Quake will be coming in the form of Quake Champions. The teaser trailer looks neat, but this new, in-game footage debuted at QuakeCon however, looks like what a new multiplayer Quake should be: Amazingly detailed but ludicrously fast.

The arena shooter that defined the genre is back.

Of course, there is still airs of concern. Some fans are still weary of how the new champions will work. There’s no loadouts like Call Of Duty, or the critically panned multiplayer component of Doom 2016, but there are special abilities tied to specific champions. Then there’s also the camp that wishes Quake goes back to its original title and hoping developers id Software give it the Doom 2016 treatment, which was critically praised.

Whatever the reception of Quake Champions is right now, all can be made clearer as the game will enter a closed beta in 2017. Quake Champions will be exclusively launch on PC, with unlocked framerates and runs at 120Hz to ensure the arena shooter’s signature speed is in tact.

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