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Fire Emblem Heroes is Nintendo’s entry to Mobile Strategy.


In the latest Nintendo Direct, Nintendo has announced a new F2P (Free-to-Play) Fire Emblem game for Android and iOS called Fire Emblem Heroes.

The mobile title has streamline the turn-based combat of the series for easy pickup and on the go gaming but Permadeath is absent from this mobile title,probably to avoid angering players.

Combat is now touch based but still familiar to veterans of the series.

The game will use a “Summon Heroes” system (seen in games like Granblue Fantasy and Final Fantasy Record Keeper) to gain heroes from the main series using collected Orbs from fighting in arenas or via In-App Purchases.Earn heroes using Orbs.

Nintendo has confirmed that it will launch for both Android and iOS on 2nd February for selected territories.

You can watch the announcement trailer below!