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Final Fantasy XV’s PS4 Pro Patch And Booster Pack DLC Out Now


The long-promised PS4 Pro patch for Final Fantasy XV has arrived. It was initially promised that this patch will allow the game to go to the maximum of 60fps on the beefier PS4, and they managed to do just that. It’s not a perfect 60fps performance, but raising the framerate cap from 30 to 60 does look slightly better.

But it is to be noted that for more sensitive players who can see frame-pacing issues and unevenness to the framerate, this new mode will bug you. The folks at Digital Foundry are disappointed on the results, citing uneven framerates and the removal of the one mode where the issues are minimal (the original PS4 Pro Lite Mode). While it may not impressed the more tech-savvy audience, if you can just appreciate framerates that are more than 30 this will be a decent experience nonetheless.

The new update also drops the Booster Pack+ DLC, available for season pass owners. It’s basically adds a new fishing rod, a new bait and a cool sword, Ragnarok. And.. that’s it. The power suits was delayed for a redesign and since there is no free version of the Booster Pack just yet points that the suit will be free to everyone later. The Moogle Chocobo event is also removed after this update, though an increased level cap, more photo slots and timed hunts are now added.

Not the best update and DLC offer, but good to see Square Enix keeps on working on this game. Let’s see if next month’s Episode: Gladio DLC and tweaks to Chapter 13 is worthwhile.