Final Fantasy XV’s Airship Is A Flying Car, Confirmed

Flying Regalia is a thing! As noted in our full rundown of the Uncovered Final Fantasy XV event, the stinger at the end of the last trailer was the Regalia, the car Noctis and friends are using throughout the game, can transform into a flyable version. It looks rad.

It has recently been confirmed by a Game Informer interview with game director Hajime Tabata that the flying Regalia is indeed player-controlled and to be acquired late in the game. No proper details were describe on how it controls, but there is some effort required to control it- “landing isn’t as easy as pressing a button”. With this inclusion, the flying Regalia definitely replaces the series staple of having control of an airship. Instead of getting an airship, the car transforms into one.

In case you haven’t seen the flying Regalia yet, here’s the aforementioned trailer:

Airships were not planned to be included in Final Fantasy XV, and at one point was talked about its inclusion as DLC, and made a public gesture of asking Avalanche Software, another Square Enix studio a.k.a. the team that made the Just Cause series, a helping hand. It seems the team has figured out how to incorporate the elements of an airship without ditching the car that gives the whole game this ‘roadtrip with bros’ feeling to it.

Look forward to piloting the flying Regalia when Final Fantasy XV releases on September 30 on the PS4 and Xbox One.


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