Final Fantasy XVI Is Getting A Demo

A demo for Square Enix’s upcoming PS5-exclusive action game Final Fantasy XVI is coming later today, on June 12. 4PM Malaysia Time, +8 GMT to be precise.

The demo will contain two sections. The first is the game’s prologue which is a two and a half hour of gameplay where we see protagonist Clive’s past and present. Save data from this portion will be transferred to the main game, so you can get a head start in playing before the launch next week.

Finishing the prologue and you’ll unlock the demo-only portion, which is two hours worth of playtime. This will be heavy on the action, so it should be a good showcase on the character action aspects of the gameplay. Torgal and Cidolfus Telamon will accompany Clive in this part. Progress won’t be transferred to the main game, but you do get access to more unlocked abilities and accessories.

Final Fantasy XVI will be out on June 22 exclusively on PS5.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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