Final Fantasy XV Will Still Have A Day 1 Patch After All, 7GB Of New Features, Some Fixes

When Final Fantasy XV announced a two months delay that sets the game from its September 30 launch to November 29, it was explained that the game needs more polish and to avoid a huge day 1 patch. While the move is adamant, with Game Director Hajime Tabata talking about people not having enough bandwidth and time to download a huge patch just before playing it, it turns out we still need to download a patch on day 1.

This was first discovered last week, as some shops in Peru somehow broke the street date and releases the copy earlier than its expected November 29 release date. Aside from spoilers leaking early, a screenshot of around 7GB worth of update was seen.

Square Enix didn’t address the issue immediately, waiting for this week to explain what the day 1 patch, dubbed the “Crown Update” is about. What will be included are fixes to the camera, an ability tree for “Wait Mode” features, a “Beast Whistle”, some scenes from the Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV movie and the Omen trailer added to the game, more recipes, fishes and gallery as well as the ability to upload pictures Promto takes to Twitter and Facebook.

So it’s not really a day 1 patch where it’s mostly bug fixes- they tried to name it something else even- but having it there day 1 may not be the smartest option. Why not keep it for another week or so and then announce some extra content coming?

It’s not really a broken promise of the delay- we don’t know how huge the polishing works would be if it came out as a day 1 patch rather than being on disc right it is right now- but maybe try not to release updates on day 1 so those who get it on release day can play it right now and then? That’s why people don’t like day 1 patches in the first place.

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