Final Fantasy XV Will Arrive September 30

Heavily rumoured, but now officially confirmed, Final Fantasy XV will be releasing this 30 September. Finally, after all these years of development!

Announced at the Final Fantasy Uncovered event (full rundown of the announcements here), the release date come to no surprise to anyone who followed the rumour mill, but gladly now it has been confirmed.

Multiple trailers were shown. This was the first one to be unveiled.

The event also showcased what is called the Final Fantasy XV Universe, encompassing currently an anime mini-series, a full-fledge CG movie with Hollywood talent, a mini-game that will be available seperately on mobile, and the game itself.

This comes to no surprise as well. Final Fantasy XII had a similar thing going with the Ivalice Alliance, and Final Fantasy XIII had the Nova Fabula Crystalis Collection, in which Final Fantasy XV, then named Final Fantasy Versus XIII, used to be a part of.

Final Fantasy XV is set to release on PS4 and the Xbox One. A new demo is already available.


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