New Final Fantasy XV Trailer Showcases Stealth, Magic and Improved Combat

Final Fantasy XV is gearing up to be a complete, finished game. The latest Active Time Report, the event where director Hajime Tabata addresses updates to the current progress of development, clearly shows the game, started development as Final Fantasy Versus XIII 10 years ago, is almost ready for release.

Check out this new trailer showcasing improved combat, including some aerial feats, new ally follow-up attacks, magic, and stealth.

Note: It is hinted in the Active Time Report that the trailer is captured using a PC build. So don’t get your hopes up graphics-wise.

It is confirmed that classic FF spells Fire, Blizzard and Thunder are all returning, but now have physics-based properties. Fire can spread to inflammable objects, and can be doused quickly if performed on rainy environments, for instance.

If you are interested on the game development, I recommend watching the Active Time Report in its fullness, where Tabata shares on interesting tidbits of game development- like how lighting effects look good with the Luminous engine, world-building and lore (new characters are introduced, including the dragoon Aranea from the trailer), and as well as a new status effect, where the lads can be turned into frogs.

Interesting to see game development has become more transparent by the day, as devs willingly share their progress with fans.

Final Fantasy XV is still slated to launch in 2016, with more details, including the proper release date and a potential new playable demo, to be announced in March.


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