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Final Fantasy XV Pushed Back To November 29 To Avoid A Day 1 Patch


Rumours had floated around about a delay for Final Fantasy XV. Today, it is officially declared that it was true and the new launch date will be on November 29. Game Director Hajime Tabata announced in a video that the game has gone gold, which means the game is ready to be printed on discs, but to put in more polish and avoid the hassle of what we know of now as a Day 1 patch, Final Fantasy XV will be delayed by two more months.

At first, the rumblings of a delay sparks a certain air of skepticism. Recently, No Man’s Sky got delayed, and it launches with a huge Day 1 patch that adds a lot of features, but still has some performance problems especially on PC. While conventional wisdom that a delayed game will always be better, the feeling that it was announced so late in development and after doing a huge event on highlighting the release date of a 10-year-long project, it does feel worrying.

But the video of the official announcement may have been the right way to go of announcing it, as you can see how assuring, and apologetic, Tabata is with the announcement. It’s rare to see a game company in 2016 cares about those that face problems downloading day 1 patches. It remains to be seen if it’s genuinely the case or not when we get our hands with the game later.

Check out the announcement video below.

The game in its current state, the one that would have been released on September 30, will be playable at Gamescom starting 17th August, and a huge, 30-minute gameplay video will be available to everyone soon.

In other news, the Season Pass of Final Fantasy XV features three DLC where you get to play as each part member: Gladiolus, Ignis and Prompto. The main game will only only feature Noctis as a playable character while the rest of the party will be NPCs.