Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo Out Now

Final Fantasy XV has a another demo. Just like Episode Duscae, it won’t be appearing in the main game. But unlike Episode Duscae which feels like a vertical slice of the main game, the new demo, dubbed Platinum Demo, will let you control protagonist Noctis’s younger self. It’s now out, and available for Asian regions too.

The demo looks interesting, with Noctis using a squeaky hammer to fight, and has various platforms to change the world, like weather controls, and turning into animals. You need to collect some crystals to unlock them, so it has a 3D platformer collect-a-thon vibe going on. The combat system is fully featured, including the additions of magic, unseen in Episode Duscae.

You can download it here, or via the Playstation Store from the PS4. It is also available on the Xbox store for the Xbox One as well.

Missed the livestream? Here’s a full rundown of the announcements during the Uncovering Final Fantasy event.


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