Final Fantasy XV Has A Season Pass, Additional Content For RM100

While season passes are commonly found in AAA games these days, we have yet to see one in a Final Fantasy game. And thus the day has finally arrived. If you checked the Playstation Store right now, you can order the Season Pass for Final Fantasy XV for RM100.

What does the pass includes? As of now, the only info we have is it will contain 6 “luxurious DLC contents including new original episodes and new modes—after the main scenario game for FFXV is released”.

The 6 “luxurious DLC content” (Isn’t the C in the DLC stands for content already?) listed are all currently have a tentative name, subject to change and no confirmation on the scheduling of their release just yet. The following are the tentative names:

– FFXV Booster Pack (DLC 1)(tentative)
– FFXV Episode Gladiolus (DLC 2)(tentative)
– FFXV Holiday Pack (DLC 3)(tentative)
– FFXV Episode Ignis (DLC 4)(tentative)
– FFXV Episode Prompto (DLC 5)(tentative)
– FFXV Extension Pack (DLC 6)(tentative)

Seems pretty vague at the moment, which is actually fine. DLC and season passes are pretty hard to market it to feel fare. Give a lot of info beforehand and the perception that all of the content could have been made it into the main game but cut off so publishers could squeeze more money from fans. Too vague or too little info and no one in their right mind would promote buying them due to fear of it not having the right bang for buck.

If you’re already sold with Final Fantasy XV already, the free demo is still available to try out if you’re not sold just yet, and don’t mind throwing a bit more money then you may as well check it out. You could also pre-order the Digital Premium Edition which include both the game and season pass, though there’s no discount if Playstation Store Asia’s pricing is of indication. Price may vary for physical copies, so go check your local retailers for their prices.

But if you’re still skeptical with the game, it’s okay to hold off a purchase for now.

Final Fantasy XV will arrive soon enough, launching on September 30 on PS4 and Xbox One.


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