Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Updated With Junon Area Episode

The demo for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, released earlier this month, is now updated with new content as promised.

The demo now lets player access the “Dawn Of The New Era In Junon” episode which sees Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aerith and, new for Rebirth, Red XIII, as playable party members.

This portion of the demo is set several hours within the main game, though the scenario is specifically designed for this demo- the actual game won’t exactly have this scenario, and you can’t carry over progress or skip this scenario in the main game, unlike the Nibelheim demo. Still, you can save your game in the demo, it’s quite a meaty experience.

This new episode lets you explore a portion of the open world, ride chocobos to find treasure, craft items and try out Combat Assignment missions.

Also, publisher Square Enix has revealed the rewards for playing the Rebirth demo. As long as you have a save data of the demo, and you have downloaded the update for the demo, you’ll unlock these items:

  • Kupo Charm: An accessory that increases the number of resource items extracted at a set rate
  • Survival Set: A selection of items to aid on your adventure, such as potions and ethers

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth launches on February 29 on PS5.

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