FIFA 23 Latest Trailer Highlights New Additions To Their Career Mode

EA has showcase some changes to one of FIFA’s more iconic part of the game besides the Ultimate Team, and that is the Career Mode. And with in comes in the ability to play as the actual managers of a club to a new career personality system that makes it more RPG-lite than ever before.

One of the new additions is the playable highlights, where if you decide to simulate a match and something important comes up, you can take over to score the important goal. You can also now play as your favorite manager if you want to see the likes of Wayne Rooney taking the helms of Manchester United.

But one neat new inclusion is the player career personality system which lets them define their avatars attributes based upon actions taken on and off the pitch.

Think of it as random encounters that could either benefit or hinder you within it’s 3 personality traits of Maverick, Heartbeat and Virtuoso, where certain finishers could be unlock if you have the right traits. Couple it with more dynamic moments during points of your save, this might make your career mode different from others.

All of this gameplay changes will be coming to FIFA 23 on September 30 for PlayStation, Xbox and PC.

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