Fate/Extella Comes To Nintendo Switch

Exciting news as Nintendo announced that Fate/Extella is coming to the Nintendo Switch during the recent Nintendo Direct.

Fate/Extella is a single player action game based on the popular Fate franchise by Type-Moon and is also the sequel to Fate/Extra, a PSP exclusive released back in 2011. The gameplay is similar to Hyrule Warrior but with a bit of combo attacking mechanics from the first game.

The Switch edition will include all the DLC release for the game plus an exclusive costume for the system along with the Multiple language choices. The differences between this version and the Playstation version (other than the exclusive costume) is still unknown but hopefully, we’ll get to see more gameplay footage when we’re near to the release date on July 20th for Japan and July 25th for North America.

You can view the reveal trailer down below!

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