Fast & Furious Crossroads Delayed To August, But Here’s Some New Gameplay

Remember that Fast & Furious game being made by sim racing experts Slightly Mad Studios? Yeah, that game is getting delayed.

Fast & Furious Crossroads was supposed to release sometime in May, and of course, looking at the calendar that won’t be happening.

Various channels, including Codemasters- the current owners of Slightly Mad (but not this game’s publisher- that’s by Bandai Namco), have shared a short gameplay trailer of what to expect in this family game.

Crossroads seems to capture the same energy of the previous Fast & Furious game, Fast & Furious Showdown, for better and for worse. The voice acting from the movie series are as campy as you would expect, and all the cars here have mounted machine guns because reasons, or this is just a new Spy Hunter game.

But it’s still true to the movie franchise- it’s all about cars doing heists with your extended family. Take a look:

Fast & Furious Crossroads will now be released on August 7 for the PS4, PC (Steam) and Xbox One.

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