Farthest Frontier Version 0.9.2 Update Adds New Soldier Types, Resource Request For Trades, Chickens

Farthest Frontier, the survival city-builder by Crate Entertainment currently in Early Access, has received a new update.

The 0.9.2 Update is mostly revolves around the tower defense-esque combat. The game introduces stables where you can rear horses, which can be used by ?Horsemen, a new unit type for your soldiers.

Alongside that, there are more soldier types that you can recruit. This includes Light Infantry, Heavy Infantry, Archers, Pikemen, and the aforementioned Horsemen.

However, raiders can bring along Horsemen too, as well as catapults. So be ready for a siege. And you do get to be ready earlier as warnings and new indicators for when raiders are coming and from where have been added with this update.

But that’s not all, a new feature lets you request a specific resource from visiting merchants, for a premium. So you do not have to rely on simply RNG in hopes of a certain resource is being brought over for trade anymore.

And these resources includes goats and chickens, new animals your town can rear via the new Goat Barns and Chicken Coops. Like all other animal resources, you’ll need to purchase one (or ideally two) from the Trading Post to start rearing them for resources. And the new resource request should come in handy.

Plus, Farthest Frontier adds mod support via the Steam Workshop feature with this update alongside official tools to create your own decorative buildings.

Full patch notes can be found here.

Farthest Frontier was released in Early Access back in 2022. The second game by the indie devs that created Grim Dawn, Farthest Frontier evokes the spirit of the subgenre pioneer Banished, but with the extra layer of having to not only fight nature, but also predatory animals and raiders that can destroy your little settlement if not guarded properly. Check out our Early Access impressions back when the game launched here. And here’s what we think of the game a year in since that.

Farthest Frontier is available now as an Early Access title on PC (Steam).

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