Farthest Frontier v0.9.0 Update Now Live – Spirituality System, Paper Industry And More

The biggest Farthest Frontier update, teased a couple of months back, has now arrived. The v.0.9.0 update brings a new Spirituality system (which we previously refer as the Religion system), the addition of Paper Industry, Guild Halls and more.

Spirituality is a new system where villagers now demand spiritual fulfillment. And these can be done by finding Relics that can be excavated, traded or stolen by raiders. You can mix and match the Relics to create your own belief system for your town.

Also, spiritual fulfilment will require the building of shrines and the new Temple.

Relics are mainly found from excavating ruins, and this won’t retroactively spawn on current saves. So, as always, it’s advised that you start a new save.

There is a huge long list of patch notes that details all the smaller improvements for this survival city-builder, which you can find here.

With this update, Farthest Frontier is one step closer to a full release. In its current Early Access form right now, our impressions have been great right out of the gate. If you’re looking for game like Banished, Farthest Frontier is for you.

Farthest Frontier is available now as a Steam Early Access title.

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