Fallout 4 Peak Players Are Crazy High!

Fallout 4 officially launched at midnight, but it’s already breaking records. Hitting a peak of 390,000 players a little over an hour ago, it has officially bested Grand Theft Auto 5 as the record holder of most concurrent players on Steam, according to Steam Charts.

This title comes with the qualifier that it only applies to games not published by Valve. Dota 2 holds the record of most players at once with more than 1 million recorded.

Still, that Fallout 4 has managed to amass this number of players in almost no time at all is impressive. It took 3 days for Grand Theft Auto 5 to overtake previous champion The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim upon its Windows PC launch. GTA5 ultimately hit a peak of 360,000 concurrents.


The single most-played game on the platform, with nearly 440,00 active users.

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