Fallout 4 Mod Support Incoming For Xbox One and PS4

Last year’s hit game Fallout 4 is still rolling with updates and DLC. While some may not like it due to its dated graphics and odd gameplay changes– looking at you, four responses only dialog- Fallout 4 is selling well and critically lauded in some circles, netting Game Of The Year titles.

This latest news coming from Bethesda is about mods. Mods are strictly a PC-only stuff, until now. Bethesda has announced back at last year’s E3 on mod support on the Xbox One. It is now confirmed that the support will come to Xbox One in May and the PS4 in June.

Speaking of mods, the PC version will get to test out the Creation Kit now in beta. The Creation Kit is what Bethesda says their own tools of making the game, and with this available, modders can do even more crazy stuff than just a simple retexture. Even without the Kit some crafty ones had figured out how to some cool stuff- like mounting weapons on a rack like in the intro screen. With Creation Kit, it should be a lot more easier.

So how does the new mod support comes in? It requires modders to upload the mods to Bethesda’s website and it is all taken care of from there. Check out this video on how you will browse the mods in-game.

With this, the Steam Workshop and the Fallout 4 Nexus, mods are the best way to experience any Bethesda game right now. Also, check out how one modder had greatly expanded Bethesda’s last title, The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim.

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