Fall Guys Adds A Chonky Sonic The Hedgehog Costume

Every brand was frothing for a chance to have a collaboration skin/costume to put in game show game Fall Guys. The initial launch saw developers Mediatonic collabing with other games from the Devolver Digital catalog and Valve.

Now you can add Sega as another publisher to have a presence in Fall Guys.

Teased in a collaboration stream by Mediatonic and Sega Europe, the Sonic The Hedgehog costume is now available for purchase in Fall Guys. It’s not cheap- that’s 5 crowns for the head and the pants respectively, so this is reserved for the more successful players.

The look has received mixed reception. But that’s what you get when you try to fit in a costume into a chonky jelly bean.

We shall see if there will be more collaboration costumes added to Fall Guys. Just remember not all of them will look like you’d imagined it to be. It’s still well done.

Fall Guys is now in Season 2 which adds four new maps to the rotation, a playlist selection, a new free battlepass and more. The game is out now on PS4 and PC (Steam).

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