F1 22 Announced, Brings In New Gen Cars And F1 Life Mode

Codemasters and their publisher EA has reveal the latest game in the long-running Formula 1 game series, with it’s title now following the likes of the EA Sports games lineup closely, F1’22 is now it’s name and it’s trailer didn’t really show anything.

F1 ’22 sees the game launching with the new-era F1 cars which looks to be more in tune with it’s close racing nature. This version also sees track improvements for some tracks like Barcelona, which in real life has undergone some changes, and also the addition of the new Miami street circuit.

One interesting thing to note is the addition of the F1 Life mode where players can “Unlock and show off supercars, clothing, accessories, and more for the world to see.” Perhaps it’s an extension of the paddock Hub we had back in 2016 to 2017 but nothing is certain for now. Maybe we can drive these supercars? Who knows.

But what is certain is the game’s release date. F1 ’22 is releasing in July 2 for the Xbox,PlayStation and PC via Steam and Origin.

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