Extinction Is An Action Game Where You Fight Giant, Towering Monsters

The first thing that come up after watching this trailer is that Extinction is taking a lot of cues from Attack On Titan or Shadows Of The Colossus.  There’s a big giant baddie you have to face. You have crazy mobility to leap up and down buildings. There’s also the ability to climb on these giant enemies, Ogres, to inflict damage.

Extinction is a new game by Iron Galaxy Studios, the developers that handled the last two seasons of Killer Instinct (now on Steam) as well as the silly fighting game with only two buttons, Divekick. Extinction promises a combat system that requires skill, with a “deep story campaign” that will push your protagonist Avil to save the last remaining people alive from the Ogres and smaller waves of monsters from.. extinction.

Extinction is set to be out in Early 2018 for the PS4, PC and Xbox One.

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