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Extended Gameplay Footage Of Mass Effect Andromeda Debuts As PS4 Pro Showcase


Mass Effect Andromeda is teased ever so often- a short teaser at E3, a hint of when more details coming at Gamescom. And now, we got to see some extended gameplay footage of Bioware’s sci-fi RPG series’ latest entry that will be supporting the PS4 Pro.

Though, calling it “extended” may not be as appropriate. We didn’t learn much about the gameplay, aside from some exploration with two party members and jet-pack fueled jumps, but hey, it looks really nice. We assume it would look better on a 4K television with the PS4 Pro, because by gleaming through this trailer in normal hardware, it looks nothing of note in particular.

This particular version from the Mass Effect YouTube channel features some developer commentary. Aside from that, this is the trailer shown during the Playstaion meeting introducing the PS4 Pro.

No date yet announced of when Mass Effect Andromeda will be released.