Explore The Sea’s Depths At Day And Sell Sushi At Night In Dave The Diver

Here’s an interesting new game from a new studio with a familiar name backing them. Dave The Diver is the debut title from Mintrocket, a standalone brand under Nexon.

Nexon is mostly known for online and live service games, but this game under the Mintrocket label looks pretty much like a regular single-player title.

As Dave, the Diver, you will be hustling between two jobs. During the day, you go down under the sea, the Blue Hole, and explore. There will be many secrets to discover, and they might be hostiles you need to fight back. And you’ll be collecting haul to bring back to your restaurant.

Once your day’s done, you help run said restaurant. You can make and sell sushi made from ingredients you found from diving. The more thriving your business becomes, the more money you get, which you can spend to go diving deeper into the sea. Equipment needs to be upgraded too.

Dave The Diver has elements of a side-scrolling adventure, RPG and business tycoon gameplay.

Dave The Diver will be launching in Steam Early Access soon, but you can get a hands-on with an upcoming limited-time demo as part of the next Steam Next Fest, taking place from June 13-20.

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