Exodus Is A AAA Sci-Fi RPG With A Time Dilation Mechanic

Archetype Entertainment has revealed their first game at The Game Awards 2023, called Exodus. This is described as “AAA science fiction action-adventure role-playing game franchise” on the official site.

The Game Awards showed a truncated version of the trailer. Here’s the full trailer for Exodus:

The Celestials are invading the universe, and you’ll have to fight for salvation by making sacrifices. And this includes having to travel through jump gates and deal with Time Dilation, a studied phenomenon where two elapsed time can be different. And in sci-fi, this translates to people travelling to at FTL speeds experience days of travel when for everyone else it’s been years.

Exodus will make use of this concept as one of the massive choice you’ll have to make. The trailer depicts the protagonist having to jump a light gate, performing the Exodus, to escape the attackers, and to come out of the side to see the last recording of their loved one who has since passed long ago.

Exodus will feature companions, humans and others, that you can be allied with. And these companions can help steer your dynasty when you are out travelling into the future. Various human dynasties fight against each other, and there are alien civilisations that are hostile to humans.

Exodus definitely have that Mass Effect-like appeal to it. Probably a given due to the many ex-Bioware developers, including writer Drew Karpyshyn let’s see how it lives up to its big expectations.

Exodus will be releasing on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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