Esports Medica Wants Us To Keep Being Healthy While Gaming

As esports is heading towards more mainstream success, more attention has been striving towards taking care of the players. As the new awareness help highlights the many health-related issues that even normal gamers face. 

Enter Esports Medica, a Non-profit organization created by a team of senior lecturers and researchers from Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia (USIM), which aims to highlight the medical aspect of esports and how to keep healthy even while playing video games.

Essentially, they are trying to making MDEC’s (Malaysian Digital Economy Corporation) Healthy Gaming initiative a reality.

During last weekend’s ServerDNA event, we had the opportunity to interview Dr. Zatul-‘Iffah Abu Hasan and her colleague on how her team has worked tirelessly since 2018 to promote her initiative.

Healthy Life, Happy Life

Dr.Zatul has stated that the main objective of eSports Medica is to encourage gamers to create a balanced lifestyle between gaming and being fit. The organization is releasing a new upcoming guideline that could help local gamers find this balance, be it in fitness and even mental health.

They also aimed to show gamers the distress of being addicted to video games (which is a serious World Health Organization issue now) and perhaps help them to recover from it via sessions conducted by them. One example she gave was that during one of her sessions, an individual wasn’t even aware that they were addicted until the Doctors conducted some tests and telling them about it, which highlights the need for this type of initiative.

With the boom of eSports, more initiative from the government is appreciated.













A Robust Future Soon

Though eSports Medica is a non-profit organization (meaning that it doesn’t generate profit), help from the Youth and Sports Ministry and MDEC have been quite beneficial for the team, as they have helped the Malaysian esports team getting ready for the upcoming SEA Games in the Philippines. And with their help, it could be a bright future for those wanting to compete competitively.

And with that, we wish Dr.Zatul and her team good luck in making us more healthy and far more serious in the present and perhaps, in the future.

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