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Esports Club Battle Arena Now Open For Business

The best place to get good


Battle Arena has officially opened its doors. The new esports club staged a grand opening, located on the fifth floor of Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, with a huge bang of show matches from exclusive guests.

You may have heard of it during its soft launch period where they did a promo to whoever played PUBG and won a chicken dinner (win a match), they were awarded with a real chicken dinner.

Present for the opening ceremony was YB P. Kamalanathan s/o P. Panchanathan, Deputy Ministry of Education and Team Secret, the world-class European Dota 2 team which includes Malaysian MidOne in its current roster of players.

This is no ordinary cyber cafe. Despite being legally declared as such at the front doors, this 17,000 square feet facility is dubbed as an esports club for a good reason: its focus is to deliver a high-end experience for the latest esports experience. PUBG, Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO, League Of Legends and FIFA Online 3 are the titles available to play here, but with one catch: for games that are not free-to-play you will need to own it first on your own account. So no cheaters cheekily cheat on public accounts here.

It’s a high bar, plus the high price per hour, but if you are indeed serious about getting good at such titles this is good choice to spend time in. All PCs here feature some beefy specs, there will be at least an Nvidia 1060 GTX in any of the many custom PCs here. There are also private rooms, VIP rooms and streamer pods equipped with all the tools for streaming.

If you are in the area and looking to spend time playing esports-centric games, or part of an esports team looking for a good place to practice and do scrims, then this is worth a visit. It has all the facilities to support esports, including a stage and the standard two soundproof booths. Battle Arena is committed to put aside 15% worth of their revenue to put into prize pools for upcoming tournaments, so expect to see this to be the venue for a lot tournaments in the future.