Epic Games Store Makes It Easier To Request Refunds, Now Lets You Throttle Downloads

Epic Games Store, as we all agree, is in need of more features than what it has at its current state. And Epic Games has now shared some of the new additions they have added to the platform.

Last time they shared such features, wishlists were added.

One cool thing is that is should be easier to request refunds for games via self-service refunds. Now you can just click a button to request a refund for a game within 14 days of purchase and under 2 hours of playtime, no questions asked. Unless for games where you were banned in, or Epic determines that you are abusing the policy.

Just check the Account button, then go to the Transactions tab. If the game is eligible for a refund, a button to “request refund” should be available from there.

The other big feature is that it now lets you throttle your downloads. There were no options to limit the speed of your downloads before, but hey, now it’s there. It can be found under the Settings button.

In addition, Epic Games has added keyless integration for third-party platforms Fanatical, Green Man Gaming and Genba Digital. These stores can let you just link your Epic account have the game you purchase added to your account straight-away, rather than having to redeem a key.

More features are in the works, including a mod marketplace and an achievements system.

Source: Epic Games


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