Engage In Fisticuffs With Or Against Friends In Absolver

Some describe this indie game as a fighting game. But a close look at the gameplay, it has a bit of the Dark Souls-esque 3rd person combat to it. But then developers Slocap Studios describe their debut game as an “Online Combat RPG”. Whatever it is, Absolver is an interesting looking game. Its art style certainly pops and its combat looks fluid. If you’re looking for some fisticuffs action without diving into fighting games, this should be on your radar.

The premise here is your character awoken to learn he or she is a Prospector, and from there will wander around to prove to be worthy enough to be part of the Absolvers. You will face other Prospectors along the way, and can team up with two other friends to journey together. Along the way you will collect move sets and weapons that can be customised to fit your playstyle.

Yes, move sets. Basically you can customise your combos with specific moves. Combat is the highlight here, where you get to cycle through stances while properly timing your attacks and blocks. Very methodical ala Dark Souls.

Other than co-op elements, you get to fight other players in PvP as well, either a one-on-one bout or bringing in your friends for a three-on-three melee.

Here’s their latest trailer, and a gameplay trailer (courtesy of IGN)  below it that shows how it really plays like:

Looks promising. As long as the wandering part is not just a long walk and the combat has enough variety and depth as it is touting, this could be a winner for publishers Devolver Digital. Absolver will be arriving on the PS4 first and then on PC sometime in 2017.

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