Empire Of Sin Delayed To Fall 2020

Empire Of Sin, Paradox Interactive’s Prohibition-era mafia strategy game with XCOM-style combat, is getting delayed.

First revealed at E3 2019, this is the next game by Romero Games. Initially its release window was just 2020, but now it’s pushed back to Fall 2020 (September- December).

“As any good bootlegger knows, good liquour can’t be rushed and the same goes for game development,” said game director Brenda Romero in a statement. “This is why we have decided to move the release of Empire Of Sin to Fall 2020.”

Empire Of Sin is being moved into quite possibly a busy window for game releases. But should it means more time for the developers to polish it further, by all means.

Empire Of Sin will be releasing on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

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