Empire Of Sin Coming To Xbox Game Pass This Week

Empire Of Sin, Romero Games’ mobster sim and strategy game that was released back in last December. If you’ve missed out, or waited it out due to its mixed reviews, now’s a good time to give it a try- especially if you have Xbox Game Pass.

Empire Of Sin will join Xbox Game Pass on console and PC on March 18.

Publisher Paradox Interactive has been a strong supporter of Microsoft’s monthly game subscription service- with its flagship title Crusader Kings III launching day-and-date on Game Pass last year.

In the Paradox Insider March 2021 stream, game director Brenda Romero acknowledged the mixed reception of Empire Of Sin at launch, and what they have since done to support and make the game better. This includes listening to player feedback and forming a council of fans to help the developers be in tune what the community wants from the game.

It’s good to see the developers continue to support the game and make it better, considering the rough launch. Now with it coming to Game Pass, that’s an easier, risk-free way to give the game a shot and see the updates have improved the quality or not.

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