Embark Studio’s Shooter The Finals Lets You Create Utter Destruction

Embark Studios has finally shown a glimpse of its upcoming free-to-play shooter The Finals.

This is the game that was so far in development that it afforded the new developers, comprised of ex-DICE veterans among them, to delay what was supposed to be their debut game, Arc Raiders.

The Finals was first announced at Gamescom 2022’s Opening Night Live with a rather limp teaser. But this new pre-alpha gameplay trailer should sell you on it, despite its silly name striking fear among schoolchildren and university students.

The Finals’ biggest selling point, as shown in the gameplay trailer, is how much you can destroy and obliterate the environment. It’s a rare feature, and even rarer to see in a multiplayer game. If you like the old Red Faction games, or rather Battlefield Hard Company, then this might be for you.

Or if you play newer games, this is like the destruction in Fortnite but not cartoony.

In The Finals, players face off in a combat game show. The destructive environments can be used to your advantage, dropping a whole floor of a building down while someone is on it, for example. A grappling hook is seen used to traverse the map.

The weapons aren’t just guns, in the gameplay trailer, there’s a gun that shoots white gloop that can be used for instant cover like it’s the GLOO Cannon which should get Prey (2017) fans giddy. Funnily enough, the Steam Store page has “Play Your Way” as one of its blurbs.

The Finals will have a closed alpha test starting September 29, but only for folks in Europe and North America. Sign-ups are done via the Steam store page here.

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