Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes Impressions – RPG Sucessor In Training

After a Kickstarter, one prequel game and some unfortunate timing mishaps, we are close to getting our hands on Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes when it launches in April. So how does it do in our preview and does it surpass its spiritual successor in how it’s being played? From the perspective of a newcomer who had played Chronicles, it’s quite fascinating to say the least.

Old-School RPGing 

When first time booting up, you would see the gorgeous 2D/3D artstyle sweeping through the first town, that’s filled with color and characters that looks incredible even on this preview, from the cozy towns to runes and even the sandy dunes of a bandit hideout, it just fascinating to see this mix of art work together quite well in Eiyuden.

After that,you get to see how the game introduces both the world you’re in and how it does the system, and so forth. It builds the sense of you’re just starting in this world, much like it’s Chronicles prequel game back in 2020, and this time you’re being a part of a mercenaries group helping out the imperial troops in finding an item that boosts their version of Rune magic power beyond imagination.

It’s a pretty good setup for you and your main character, Nowa and the Watchers work together to recruit heroes and make friends along the way, whilst also leveling up to your heart’s desire. The way how you meet new companions does feel authentic, like meeting the Magical Girl Mellore on route to exploring the overworlds makes it perfect to uncover a dungeon close by with her, testing out her powers as well. It’s sort of stuff that I feel makes exploring fun since you might find someone new there as well.

Though I feel the combat is your typical RPG affair, with the HP/MP attacks with users having more usage of the AP Runes attacks that build up as you battle which have more damage outputs then the usual physical attacks. Which is fine considering this is how their successor does it as well, with the major AP being spent on Friendship Combo attacks that you can combo with two party members and deal a pretty big number of damage, continuously if you could time it right. And that’s pretty cool.

Closing Thoughts

To conclude this short preview of Eiyuden before it’s release, it’s an intriguing RPG that has the potential to honor it’s Suikoden roots and flourish as its own merit, with a storyline that has yet to unfolded and their release month being quite busy on its own right, they could have special something to power through it, they just need to stick the landing. 

Eiyuden Chronicle: Hundred Heroes releases on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC on April 23, Early preview version is provided by the Publisher, 505 Games.

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