Eddy Gordo Returns For Tekken 7

The Brazilian capoeira master is back! Eddy Gordo will join the Tekken 7 roster as a playable character. Introduced back in Tekken 3, Eddy has always appeared in each Tekken game though subsequent titles have him either sharing a character slot or have a lot of common ground with Christie Monteiro. Christie, another capoeira practitioner, has yet to appear in Tekken 7- even the in the arcade version- so Eddy’s inclusion is a good thing to have, especially for players who may have grown accustomed to his moveset.

Sporting a sweet leopard-patterned jacket and leather pants, Eddy’s moves look less flashy but more deadly this time around. Check out the trailer to see him in action:

Tekken 7’s confirmed roster has now reached to 37 characters. A few more should be revealed just before it releases on June 2 for the Ps4, PC and Xbox One.

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