EA’s Launching New Need For Speed Game!

The following Need for Speed game will dispatch at some point before March 2018, Electronic Arts affirmed to speculators. Still untitled, the game is the principal new mainline passage in the hustling arrangement since 2015’s reboot, which was essentially called Need for Speed.

CEO Andrew Wilson said that the diversion will have an aggressive online concentration, despite the fact that he didn’t detail in the matter of what that will look like or incorporate. Different points of interest, including a name, stays insufficient.

This is an alternate venture than Need for Speed: Edge, which is as of now being developed at EA’s Korean studio, EA Spearhead. The free-to-play internet diversion draws on Need for Speed Rivals, which propelled on consoles in 2013. A discharge date has not been declared for Edge yet, but rather Wilson affirmed that it will “take after a comparable way as we’ve brought with FIFA Online,” another free-to-play enormously multiplayer internet game which got closed down in 2011.

The recently reported Need for Speed diversion will be the 23rd passage in the long-running hustling game arrangement.

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