EA Originals Is An Initiative Of Supporting Indie Devs, Fe Announced

Last year, EA unravelled a little indie game called..err.. Unravel in its E3 press conference. The success of the breakout new IP by Coldwood Studios inspired EA to wholeheartedly support more indie devs through a new initiative dubbed EA Originals.

With that in mind, a new indie game by a new indie studio based in Gothenburg called Zoink. Simply titled as Fe (pronnounced as “Fee”) is wordless adventure game. It looks pretty and has atmosphere to it, but you be the judge by watching this trailer of gameplay below:

It’s neat seeing big publishers seeking out helping indies. Not only is the small studios out there requires financial assistance to make it in the competitve world of selling games, indies have a certain quality to it that AAA games just wouldn’t dare to go. Glad to see the initiative exists and hopefully more indies can benefit from it.


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