E3 2019: Empire Of Sin Announced, A Prohibition Era Mafia Strategy Game By Romero Games And Paradox

The secret new game by Romero Games and Paradox Interactive has been revealed at E3 2019. Empire Of Sin is a new strategy game set in 1920s Chicago where you run your own organised crime empire.

To make yourself the biggest mafia overlord in town, you have to establish your business rackets and get mobsters roaming the streets. From there, you will need to tussle for territory against other gangs. There is turn-based combat, so it’s not just macromanaging your empire from the top only.

If you feeling a bit crafty, the game also includes options to make (and break) alliances with other gangs, use the black market or get on the good side of the cops. By paying good money of course.

There are different starting conditions for each playthrough with multiple ways to win.

This all sounds fitting of a Paradox strategy game, but at a relatively more intimate scale.

Empire Of Sin will be out on PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Source: Empire Of Sin

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