E3 2018: Here’s More Gameplay Of Daemon X Machina, Featuring Customisable Characters, Mechs And Accessible Combat

Daemon X Machina was announced at the E3 Nintendo Direct, and it’s basically an Armored Core game with various veterans who worked on the series now working on this for Marvelous First Studio.

More gameplay footage of this Nintendo Switch mecha game was shown which features a hub where you can walk around as in your customisable character, bask in awe of the big mecha- called arsenals- and weapons showcased.

There was confirmation that multiplayer co-op will be a feature. The combat itself is not as finicky and complicated to Armored Core, with simple controls and movements. However, there is still depth to the combat with destructible environments and elements in the area that can be picked up and thrown.

Daemon X Machina will be out next year for the Nintendo Switch.

Via VG 24/7

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