Dying Light’s New DLC Coming End Of This Month

There is a new DLC for Dying Light and you can download it on 26 May 2015 according to Techland, developer of Dying Light.

The new DLC also known as Bozak Horde which the players will face waves of enemies inside of a new area (Harran Stadium) as a part of a game or sport set up by an anonymous dude called Bozak.

In this game mode, you can either play alone or co-op with your friends but it seems more fun if you choose the latter option as Techland mentioned that this game was built with co-op gameplay in mind. Players will be able to brag their results online by showing their skills in surviving the challenges in the game.

Those who able to survive and defeat the horde will be rewarded. Players will be granted a compound hunting bow AKA “the ultimate stealth weapon”. Besides that, players can unlock various type of arrows by completing objectives which in the end, players can use their creativity of how to kill the infected zombies and thus, satisfaction granted as well.

If you wish to know more, click the video below to see the Bozak Horder trailer.

For more information of the Dying Light, stay tune to GamerMalaya.my

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