Dwarven Skykeep Is A Quirky Mashup Of Base-Builder, Deckbuilder And Roguelike

How many genres can you mash into one game? For developer Hack the Publisher, they have the answer to that with their upcoming game Dwarven Skykeep and apparently, the answer is a wholehearted “yes”.

You play as an esteemed wizard that’s also a block tower construction expert, and you must build a tower. You’ll be employing various dwarves to do the job, and must manage their needs (read: beer) to keep them happy.

Also, goblin hordes and other fantastical enemies will be attacking your tower. And there are boss fights. And to build the towers, magic and weapons for you to defend yourself, those are presented as cards. And you also control the wizard directly.

There are a lot of different mashups here, all combined under a nice pixel art style and whimsy writing.

If you need to really get to grips with how all the different genres mash up and play, there’s a demo available for Dwarven Skykeep right now.

Dwarven Skykeep will be released on December 1 on PC via Steam.

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