Drunkenly Build A House In Landlord’s Super, From The Makers Of Jalopy

Have you looked at some construction site and wonder the struggles of the workers? Well, here’s a game that sort of satisfies that curiosity.

Landlord’s Super is a new “first-person construction simulation” set in 1980’s Britain. The game is developed by MinskWorks, the makers of car repair and driving simulator Jalopy.

So think of Landlord’s Super as Jalopy but you build a house instead. You have to do manual labour that’s involved with building construction. Like mixing cement, build scaffolding, and hauling bricks on wheelbarrows.

But it also has an open world with seasonal weather, day-and-night cycle and major events happening. You can explore the town and visit a pub to get properly drunk, and then continue on your construction work. Because why not.

“Landlord’s Super is about a Britain that’s dear to me,” says MinskWorks’ founder Greg Pryjmachuk. “It’s a Britain that’s not just tweed and jokes about being posh; it’s a Britain that’s more diverse and more working class.”

Here’s the trailer, which captures that drab British working class vibe it is going for

Landlord’s Super is coming to Steam Early Access on April 30th. This version will include the following features, with more to come alongside bug fixes:

  • Dynamic open world
  • Seasons and dynamic weather
  • Job Centre
  • The Anchor pub
  • “Rag-and-bone man”
  • Boozing
  • Bodily dunctions

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