Driveclub VR Confirmed For Playstation VR

Despite the news that Driveclub developers Evolution Studios was to be closed, then later being absorbed by Codemasters, Driveclub will at least see one last hurrah being a launch title for Sony’s Playstation VR headset. Simply titled Driveclub VR, this is a full-fledged release of Driveclub, with 3D audio and new tracks coming. The game will run in 60fps, but will be upscaled to 120fps on the headset.

The reveal was done from Japan’s Playstation blog (currently unavailable), but was also confirmed by Paul Rustchynsky, formerly of Evolution Studios.

While we would have preferred to see Driveclub VR to be available to all owners of Driveclub, adding VR support isn’t as simple as adding DLC. As mentioned earlier, several technical changes like making it run in 60fps from the default 30fps and we presumably believes it involves a major change in the game engine to accomplish. The demise of Evolution Studios as a first party developer is also a tell-tale sign that Sony could not afford on giving it away for free.

Expect more news coming for Driveclub VR as the launch date draws near on October 13.

UPDATE 17/08/16: The Playstaion Blog has now officially reupped the announcement just in time for Gamescom, with the game available on the show floor.

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