Drive The Regalia From Final Fantasy XV In Forza Horizon 3 As Free DLC

This is may seem like an odd collaboration, but boy are we glad this exist. Forza Horizon 3 will add the Regalia- the trademark car that the four boys in Final Fantasy XV.

Forza Horizon 3 has included cars from other games before- working with 343 Industries to include Halo’s Warthog and the fictional car based on Fallout, so this shouldn’t be too surprising. But no one would expect Square Enix of all people to be on board in this collaboration. And here we are.

In building the Regalia for Forza Horizon 3, the team at Turn 10 and Playground had to do some guesswork on how the performance would translate in real life- with Square Enix providing a lot of data and images for the team to work with.

The result? A pretty accurate representation of the heavy luxury car. It’s powered by a 7.2L V12 Supercharged engine with 536hp. All of the Regalia’s details- the rims, the doors that open “suicide” style and the retractable roof all remains intact.

The Regalia should be a good fit to cruise in the Australian outbacks and streets. Forza Horizon 3 players will get this for free and Final Fantasy XV players on Xbox One will get a code to redeem the Regalia should they later purchase Horizon 3.

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