Draft Of Darkness Mashes Survival Horror And Deck-Building Roguelikes Together

The roguelike deck-building card game genre has potential to grow more. So it’s time to fuse this genre with another genre of games.

Crawley Games, a solo-developer team is making just that with Draft Of Darkness. It’s Slay The Spire meets Resident Evil, the blurb says, mixing in the tense survival horror atmosphere in a deck-builder.

In Draft Of Darkness, the post-apocalyptic city is plagued by darkness, and you’ll have to explore a procedurally generated map while managing your party and resources. Status effects are retained outside of combat, though there are ways to remove them while navigating the overworld. You’ll find more cards, party members and options to upgrade your cards in the deck during each run.

When a run ends, you’ll be awarded credits to open booster packs to permanently unlock new starter cards. Also, there’s a “meta-story progression” system where what choices you make will alter the outcome of the story, or open up new routes to progress.

Draft Of Darkness will be first released on Steam Early Access on July 30.

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