Doom: The Dark Ages Releasing In 2025

Bethesda and Id Software have announced the next entry to the modern Doom series, Doom: The Dark Ages, at Xbox Games Showcase 2024.

This is a prequel to Doom (2026) and Doom Eternal. Here we see the Doom Slayer slay demons in what looks to be a medieval setting instead of the sci-fi far-future setting Doom is usually associated with.

Doomguy may carry a shield now, but he still has that boomstick though. A variety of weapons and new moveset is showcased. This is still that fast-moving, head-banging, adrenaline-pumping FPS we know and love.

Apparently you also pilot mechs in The Dark Ages. So along with the arsenal of weapons, it’s not authentically medieval- it takes some creative liberties with the theme.

Unlike the major games released under Bethesda last year (Hi-Fi Rush, Redfall and Starfield), Doom: The Dark Ages will also launch on PS5. So it’s back to business as usual for Bethesda, who will operate like a typical 3rd-party publisher despite being owned by Xbox/Microsoft. Under Microsoft, Bethesda also closed down multiple studios including the award-winning developer behind Hi-Fi Rush, Tango Gameworks.

Doom: The Dark Ages releases in 2025 on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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