The Division 1.0.2 Patch Incoming, With Dark Zone Improvements

The Division will receive an incoming patch, 1.0.2, that introduces a lot of new fixes including improving the Dark Zone as well as the endgame. With just only a few weeks of release, there are agents out there that has hit the level cap of 30 and now enter the endgame, where more rare loot and tougher enemies are found. However, The Division stumbles a bit by this stage, citing balance issues by players. This patch aims to alleviate some of the concerns.

For one thing, players were quick to find out that Dark Zone balancing was wonky. The PvP area where players can go rouge and kill other agents for loot and experience has really harsh penalty, with only a small gain for surviving the time limit being marked as a rouge. This part of a video by YouTuber Angry Joe demonstrates the odd balance (watch for about two minutes from this mark). There were reports that once players had figured this out, no one was considering to turn rouge except the ones that just haven’t tried doing one yet. Hopefully the balance tweaks coming with this patch will keep the Dark Zone as a tense PvP area with high risk and reward, as it should be. It was the main marketing angle The Division went before launch.

There are many other changes and bugfixes coming as well, so if you love reading the patch notes in full, head over here to the Ubisoft forums for the full list. This The Division patch is scheduled to release in March 22, which means by the time you read this, it’s already out.

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