Dive And Flop For The Safety Of The President In Mr. President!

You know how Secret Service agents guarding the President of the USA would dive and take a bullet to protect them? What if there’s a game about that, and add in silly, QWOP-like physics into the mix? Then you got Mr. President!, an indie game where you are a bullet-proof Secret Service agent (for some reason) and dive and flop your way to protect presidential candidate Ronald Rump (who’s totally fictitious, no relation to any real person). What would be a simple task of just diving and tackling the President away from a sniper shot increases in complexity, as you are placed in peculiar situations and circumstances as the game progresses.

Check out the silly trailer below:

Don’t expect this to be a masterpiece of a game, but for a silly premise based on one mechanic, it should be good fun for a playthrough or two. Might be great for streamers and YouTubers as well. So give it a look and flop your way to protect the President at all costs. Just don’t question his campaigning methods.

It’s out on Steam for RM15.

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