Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Announced, Bringing Epic Battles From Arcade To The PS4

Dissidia Final Fantasy is an interesting little series that started from the PSP. Imagine all the heroes and villains from each mainline Final Fantasy entry brawl it out like a mix of fighting game and action-RPG mechanics. Two years ago the series made the jump into the arcade, rebooting the series with a focus on more battle mechanics than RPG mechanics.

Now PS4 players will get a taste of it with a home release. Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be coming out in early 2018. The game is being helmed by Koei Tecmo’s Team Ninja (of Nioh and Dead Or Alive fame).

Check out the first trailer here:

According to Gematsu, the NT stands for “New Tale,” “New Trial,” and “New Tournament.” (and not Tetsuya Nomura) There is no story mode per se, but there will be a single player component of sorts and an online lobby system for multiplayer matches. The arcade version will still be supported, with updates coming there first though talks of transferring certain data for arcade users to the PS4 release is still considered.

If you are a die-hard Final Fantasy fan, you should check it out. What’s nice about having a game ported to home consoles after two years released in the arcade (like Tekken 7) is that it’s most likely to be already good, gameplay wise. A playable build of the game will be available at E3.

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