Dish Out Justice! Injustice 2 Releasing On May 16

2017 is a good year for fighting games. With released games still getting support (Street Fighter V Season 2, Killer Instinct post-Season 3 content) and new games coming featuring character of the two comic powerhouses Marvel and DC. Marvel VS Capcom Infinite is still without a release date (late 2017 is all we have now) but DC’s Injustice 2, developed by the makers of Mortal Kombat (and the first Injustice) NetherRealm Studios has just out the release date. The date comes from a simple teaser image by NeatherRealm’s Ed Boon on Twitter:

We haven’t seen many character reveals lately, as reports suggest the team is polishing up more visual aspects of the game, especially the facial look of the characters. May 16 is not that far away, so we hope everything is going to be fine on that department. We will see soon enough if the RPG-like loot collecting will be a good addition to a fighting game or just hamper its growth among the many enthusiasts in the fighting game community.

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